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What Is Premises Liability?


What Is Premises Liability?

Posted On July 1, 2024 In Personal injury,Safety

Premises liability is a law that governs personal injury claims when a person has been injured on someone else’s property. This law helps discern whether the personal injury victim will get compensation, how much, and whether the property owner is negligent. 

Why Should You Get an Albuquerque Car Accident Lawyer?

Posted On June 3, 2024 In Personal injury,Safety

Getting into a car accident is already difficult enough. From dealing with the initial shock to handling medical expenses and the overall aftermath of the crash, it is a lot. That’s why many people in Albuquerque choose to hire a knowledgeable car accident lawyer to help them.

7 Types of Wrongful Death Cases

Posted On May 23, 2024 In Personal injury,Safety,Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are tragedies. In the haze of shock, grief, and other emotions, it can be difficult to know what to do and to understand what your legal options are moving forward. 

If you are dealing with a wrongful death case, it’s important to know the facts.

Steps To Take in Filing a Slip and Fall Claim in New Mexico

Posted On April 8, 2024 In Personal injury,Safety

Everyone slips and falls, but unfortunately, some may sustain major injuries. If you slip and fall on a federally owned or private property, liability typically falls on the property owner. That being said, there are some exceptions. Slips and falls can cause life-long pain and trauma; if you’ve experienced a slip and fall accident, don’t hesitate to contact us at Shapiro Law Team

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