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Albuquerque Truck Accident Lawyer

Albuquerque Truck Accident Lawyer

Although essential to businesses and the economy, trucks can be deadly. Their size and weight inflict serious harm on motorists if involved in a collision. Large commercial trucks—like trailers, big rigs, or 18-wheelers—may weigh up to 20 times as much as a passenger car. They are highly dangerous if not properly operated and maintained. Because of this, victims in a trucking accident are likely to be killed or sustain catastrophic brain damage, spinal injuries, or amputations.

Trucking collision chances are exacerbated by the lax regulations on trucking companies and manufacturers. There is a reluctance to impose stronger safety standards. This has created a climate where profit trumps safety; trucking companies ignore safety regulations, skip maintenance, and understaff in order to maximize profits.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a trucking collision, don’t wait. Contact the Shapiro Law Team Today.

Why You Need to Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Any accidents involving semi-trucks are rarely minor incidents. They often involve serious injury or death. Even pick-up truck accidents are twice as likely to result in a fatality in rollover accidents.

Because of the increased severity of trucking accidents, you need to hire an experienced truck accident attorney that knows how to handle the legal aftermath of the collision. They will ensure you get the compensation and justice you deserve after a catastrophic event.

In Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Shapiro Law Team represents truck injury victims. We are ready to relentlessly fight to get you the maximum compensation through our superior representation and years of experience handling trucking cases.

We Conduct Our Own Investigation to Build You the Strongest Case Possible

At Shapiro Law Team, we handle your case from beginning to end. As soon as you give us a call, we will immediately begin our investigation. This involves calling our network of trucking accident experts, including reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers, automotive design experts, and others. We collect and document evidence to help build your case.

Along with examining the circumstances of the crash you experienced, we consider the following to help us build a case:

  • Was the truck driver properly licensed and trained?
  • Was the truck driver observing safety protocols such as not exceeding the maximum hours they are allowed to be behind the wheel?
  • Was the truck driver speeding to meet delivery deadlines imposed by the company?
  • Was the truck properly maintained and were safety checks regularly conducted?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of alcohol?
  • Was the truck driver under the influence of prescription drugs?
  • Were the truck’s tires unsafe or defective?
  • Did the truck have improper reflectors?
  • Was the truck’s load unsecured or improperly mounted?
  • Did the truck driver make an aggressive maneuver such as an unsafe lane change?

We also take into consideration the severity of your injuries, eyewitness accounts, and the driver’s logbook. In short, no stone goes unturned when you hire us. We’re ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

When Is the Trucking Company Liable?

A trucking company could be liable in many different scenarios, including the following:

  • Broken Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules
  • Broken general traffic laws
  • Poor fleet and vehicle maintenance
  • Unsafe cargo loading
  • Lack of proper securement of hazardous cargo
  • Dangerous hiring or training procedures
  • Hiring unlicensed or incompetent drivers
  • Pressuring drivers to meet deadlines
  • Broken hours of service regulations
  • Truck driver negligence or recklessness

Remember, trucking companies are well-equipped with resources to fight your accident claim. Protect your right to compensation by working with the Shapiro Law Team in New Mexico. We will negotiate your case relentlessly and are highly experienced to go up against even the largest trucking companies.

5 Things to Do After a Truck Accident

The aftermath of a trucking accident in Albuquerque is confusing, overwhelming, and stressful. However, taking the proper steps could make or break your right to compensation.

Follow these steps to give yourself the best fighting chance possible.

  1. Call 911. Stay at the scene of the truck accident and call law enforcement.
  2. Check for injuries. If you, your passengers, or the truck driver have any injuries, request an ambulance to the scene. Obtain immediate medical care.
  3. Take pictures. Take pictures of all vehicles involved, any injuries, and the other party’s contact information.
  4. Call an insurance company. Report the accident to the insurance company of the at-fault party immediately. However, do not continue with claim negotiations until you contact an attorney.
  5. Act quickly. Important evidence, like information from the truck’s black box, may not be available for long. Hire an attorney immediately and begin collecting evidence.

How Can I Be Compensated After a Truck Accident?

Where you go to get compensated depends on the specifics of your case. For instance, if you were at fault for a truck accident, you will rely on your health insurance for compensation. If the crash was due to the negligent actions of another, you may get compensation from their insurance company or from the trucking company itself.

Regardless of where you get your compensation from, know that most insurance carriers do everything in their power to pay you as little as possible. They will send you a lowball offer in order to save their money. They aren’t on your side, and the Shapiro Law Team knows this better than anyone. Give us a call so we can help you fight to protect your right to the appropriate compensation.

Available Compensation Types

New Mexico trucking accident victims may be entitled to the following compensation:

  • Economic compensation. Also referred to as “special damages,” this refers to the types of compensation that are considered calculable after a truck crash. This may include a victim’s medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, lost wages, and property damage costs.
  • Non-economic compensation. This is also known as “general damages” and refers to “pain and suffering” losses. This type of compensation is harder to calculate because it often involves intangible damages—like loss of enjoyment of life, emotional and psychological damage, and trauma.
  • Punitive damages. These damages are meant to punish the negligent party and show that their actions are unacceptable in society. Punitive damages are not always awarded.

Top Causes of Truck Accidents in Albuquerque

  • Driver error. Sometimes, truck drivers make mistakes and poor errors of judgment. Driver error crash causes include:
    • Operating while impaired by alcohol or drugs
    • Operating while distracted by a phone or another device
    • Disregarding FMCSA hours of service requirements
    • Purposely overloading the truck
    • Failing to follow traffic laws
    • Operating too fast for conditions
  • Truck company negligence. Trucking companies can also be negligent and cause accidents. Causes include:
    • Ensure that every vehicle is regularly inspected and maintained
    • Never allow a truck to be overloaded with cargo
    • Ensure drivers are properly trained
  • Truck failure. Truck failure may be either the truck company’s fault or the parts manufacturer’s fault.

Most Common Truck Accident Injuries

Because of the massive size and weight of many trucks, injuries sustained in a trucking accident are often severe.

At Shapiro Law Team, our team has experience helping Albuquerque truck accident victims who have sustained the following:

  • Spinal cord injuries (often with paralysis)
  • Other severe back or neck injuries
  • Devastating soft tissue injuries
  • Severe lacerations or puncture wounds
  • Amputations
  • Crush injuries
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Significant scarring and disfigurement

Our New Mexico truck accident lawyers also are skilled in helping those who have emotional or psychological trauma. These “unseen” injuries can often be just as serious as physical injuries and often have long-term, costly effects.

The Shapiro Law Team is also here to help families who have lost a loved one in a trucking accident in New Mexico. We have experienced wrongful death attorneys that will give your family the compassionate assistance they need while navigating how to hold the truck driver and their company responsible for their actions.

How Often Do Truck Accidents Occur?

The Department of Transportation states that there were 1,912 total tractor-trailer accidents during the latest year. Out of these, 60 were fatal crashes, and 414 were injury crashes. In addition to these crashes, the DOT also says that there were crashes involving concrete trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, tanker trucks, and other types of large trucks.

Contact Us If You Have Been in a Truck Accident: No-Fee Guarantee Unless We Win Your Case

Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic trucking accident is stressful enough. Don’t go up against a trucking corporation or insurance provider alone—leave the pursuit of compensation to us. We’re ready to handle all the technical and legal aspects of your case so you can take the time you need to recover.

New Mexico attorney David Shapiro and his team are here for you.

Client Review: “I could not recommend a better personal injury attorney than David Shapiro and his team. They handled everything from start to finish, got me an amazing settlement that was over 5 times what the insurance company initially offered me.” -Kenneth

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