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What You Should and Shouldn’t Say After a Crash

What You Should and Shouldn’t Say After a Crash

Shapiro Law Team January 16, 2024 Car Accidents,Personal injury

It’s normal to feel shaken up after a car crash. But don’t make the mistake of saying something that could be interpreted as admitting fault. Once you’re in a car accident, words matter. Why? Slipping up and saying the wrong thing can raise the eyebrows of insurance companies and point fault toward you. We’ll take a look at common phrases you should and should not say after a collision.

Things Not to Say After a Car Accident

  • “I accept…”
    Accepting any fault at the scene of the accident will put you in the spotlight. Uttering phrases like “I accept” or “I’m sorry” could land you in the hot seat of insurance companies and might be misconstrued as accepting blame for the accident.
  • “I think that…”
    Don’t speculate about the accident. Making assumptions will only hurt your case and make it harder for legal professionals to sway the blame away from you. This can also lead to unnecessary conflict regarding liability. Leave the details to law enforcement and attorneys instead.
  • “I didn’t see you…”
    It’s important to be honest about the accident, but not in this case. Saying “I didn’t see you” is a one-way ticket to taking the blame. Plus, admitting you didn’t see the other driver can wind up being used against you during legal proceedings.
  • “I’m not hurt…”
    Not all injuries are visible, and not seeking medical attention immediately after an accident can hurt your chances of recovering maximum compensation. It’s best to say nothing at all regarding injuries. Instead, seek medical attention right away.
  • “Let’s handle it on our own…”
    It doesn’t pay to handle a car accident case on your own. Suggesting to handle the case yourself could be seen as a way to avoid legal repercussions, hindering your ability to get compensated fairly. You might also find that the accident caused a lot more damage than you initially thought, compromising your finances down the road.

Don’t Say Anything on Social Media

Social media is like a 24/7 open mic. Don’t use it while undergoing a car accident case. Complaining or talking about your case on social media can and will be held against you, especially if insurance providers are watching your every post. Leave the talking to the professionals, and contact an experienced car accident attorney.


What to Say to Someone After a Car Accident

What not to say after a car accidentIt’s natural to want to say something after a car accident—and you should. But make sure it’s the right thing and not something that will hurt your case. Below are a few statements you should say following a car accident.

  • “I’m glad you’re okay…”
    Car accidents are scary and not easy for all parties involved. A simple “I’m glad you’re okay” goes a long way. Make sure to hug the other person if you are close to them.
  • “How are you feeling?”
    Your friend or loved one is likely feeling frustration, anger, sadness, and fear. This mix of emotions can be overwhelming, so don’t expect a happy response. Asking how this person is feeling allows them to validate their feelings without feeling any pressure.
  • “Does anyone need medical attention?”
    It’s important to prioritize the health and well-being of your passenger or the other driver during this time. Call 911 if they need help, making sure everyone involved receives the care they need.
  • “Is there anything I can do to help you right now?”
    Giving your friend or loved one support during such a challenging time is essential. Whether it’s contacting a family member, arranging transportation, or simply lending a helping hand, offering support makes a big difference.
  • “Has anyone called the police yet?”
    If the police haven’t been contacted yet, make sure they are. The police will arrive on the scene to create a police report, which will be beneficial to your attorney.

Shapiro Law Team uses a handful of evidence, including a police report, to help build your case.

Ask for the Other Driver’s License and Insurance Information

Make sure you’ve received the other driver’s license and insurance information. You’ll need these details during the claims process. That being said, an experienced car accident attorney will handle all communication with the other driver’s insurance company so you don’t have to.

Contact a Car Accident Attorney for Help With Your Claim

There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to the aftermath of a car accident. Get the help and clarity you need during this difficult time by contacting Shapiro Law Team, the trusted Farmington car accident law firm.

We have years of experience helping car accident victims just like you; all you have to do is call us for a free consultation. Consultations are 100% confidential and can steer you in the right direction regarding your claim. Let’s start building your case today.

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