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Importance of Preserving Evidence in Car Crash Cases

Importance of Preserving Evidence in Car Crash Cases

Shapiro Law Team November 20, 2023 Car Accidents

One of the best things you can do for your case is to present enough evidence. Without evidence, there unfortunately isn’t much of a case to build. The car accident lawyers at Shapiro Law Team can help build a strong case for you by preserving and presenting evidence that supports your claim.

Continue reading to find out what types of evidence must be collected and why David Shapiro is the car accident attorney Rio Rancho residents trust.

Why Is Evidence So Important in Car Accident Cases?

Evidence is proof. Without it, you may experience investigation delays, which in turn creates a domino effect of issues such as difficulty proving fault. Plus, failing to present evidence can hurt your chance of receiving maximum compensation. Collect evidence as quickly as you can following medical treatment.

9 Types of Evidence in Car Accident Cases

1. Medical Records

Medical records are one of the most important pieces of evidence you can collect. Not only do medical records serve as proof of injury, but they also provide information that can be used to determine present and future medical costs.

2. Witness Statements

Eyewitness statements provide valuable insight into your accident. People who witnessed your accident may have seen events unfold differently than you or the other driver believed. This unique perspective can help you establish liability.

3. Photographs and Videos

Pictures speak louder than words. Documenting the accident through photographs and videos is powerful and gives the judge and jury visual evidence to work with. The more visual evidence you can provide, the better chance you have of achieving compensation goals.

4. Expert Testimony

Sometimes, expert testimony is needed. Expert testimonies are given by medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists, and others to provide expert insight and clarification for the case.

5. Police Reports and Incident Records

You should always call the police following an accident, regardless of how minor it may seem. The police will record and create an official report of your accident, which can be used as a foundation for your case.

6. Documentation of Damages

Keep a record of costs following the accident. These expenses include things like lost wages, medical bills, and rehabilitation costs. Our team uses your documented expenses as a way to prove the financial impact of your accident and injuries.

7. Car Maintenance Record

It’s the vehicle owner’s responsibility to maintain their car. Obtaining car maintenance records can help establish liability. If the at-fault party was failing to maintain their vehicle, the vehicle records should reflect that.

8. Work Absence Records

Keeping track of your work absence records helps determine past and present lost wages. If you don’t present your work absence records, there’s a high chance you’ll miss out on wage reimbursement.

9. Event Data Recorder (EDR)

You may have heard of black boxes on airplanes, but did you know your car has one too? Most new vehicles are designed with an event data recorder (EDR). Like airplane black boxes, this recorder captures and stores data about the accident before and after the collision occurred.

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Why Prompt Collection Matters

Gathering evidence quickly is important. Procrastinating on evidence collection can result in lost or damaged documentation. For example, if your vehicle was fixed before documenting the damage, the damage to that vehicle can no longer be documented. Another example is eyewitnesses forgetting crucial details of the accident.

Don’t lose out on vital information. Collect your evidence as fast as possible. Contact our lawyers for more information on prompt evidence collection.

How to Gather Evidence Effectively

If you’ve been in a car accident, you’re probably wondering how to gather evidence. Start by contacting law enforcement immediately after your crash. Police will create an official report, which is typically the first piece of evidence obtained. If you’re able to, take plenty of pictures using your smartphone.

Don’t forget to receive medical assistance, no matter how insignificant you think your injuries are. Medical records create a link between your injuries and the car crash.

How to Present Car Accident Evidence

We highly discourage self-representation. Instead of presenting evidence yourself, contact the lawyers at Shapiro Law Team. Our team is trained to present factual and pertinent information to help strengthen your case and win well-deserved compensation. Get started with a free, confidential consultation.

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How Long Do You Have To File a Claim?

According to New Mexico laws and regulations, the statute of limitations for filing a claim is three years from the date of your car accident. Of course, you should never wait three years to file your claim. Make sure you file as soon as possible for the sake of preserving valuable evidence.

What Happens if You Do Not Have Enough Evidence?

It isn’t impossible to build a case without evidence. However, building a case without enough evidence is like presenting a statement without reputable sources. For legal advice, contact Shapiro Law Team. An attorney will help you file a claim.

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Navigating the legal complexities following a car crash is overwhelming, to say the least. Luckily, help is just a free consultation away. We’re the preferred law firm in New Mexico with a proven track record. Our team has won millions of dollars in settlements, and we’ll fight to win yours too. Let’s start building your case today. Call Shapiro Law Team.

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