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Dog Bite Attorneys in Farmington, NM

Dog Bite Attorneys in Farmington, NM

A dog bite incident can be a traumatizing experience for everyone involved. These types of attacks usually leave lasting physical and emotional impacts that can result in costly medical bills, lost income, and lifelong trauma.

If you or a loved one suffered from a dog bite injury, know your rights. Contact Shapiro Law Team—Farmington’s expert dog bite attorneys—for a free consultation. We’ll help you navigate the legalities of a dog bite incident and recover the maximum amount of damages for your case.

Why Choose Shapiro Law Team?

You deserve an experienced attorney to handle your case. See why clients have been choosing Shapiro Law Team time and time again.

  1. Committed to Your Case
    We take a client-first approach at Shapiro Law Team. We’re always on your side, ready to provide the best representation possible. Our team fights for your rights and won’t give up, even if it means taking defendants to court.
  2. Proven Track Record of 500+ Successful Cases
    Since 2017, we’ve exceeded results and achieved the best possible outcomes for our clients. With over 500 successful settlements reached, we work hard to ensure you can move forward with your life.
  3. 24/7 Availability and Affordable Services
    Our New Mexico attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t pay us anything unless we win your case. We’re also available 24 hours a day to discuss your case.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

No two dog bite injuries are alike. Some dog bite injuries are minor. Other injuries can be severe or even deadly. Below are some of the most common dog bite injuries our lawyers have seen over the years.

  • Facial injuries
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Puncture wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Bruises
  • Eye injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Rabies
  • PTSD

Damages You Can Recover for a Dog Bite in Farmington

The types of losses you can recover economic and non-economic damages for after a dog bite accident include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages or future earning capacity
  • Physical therapy treatments
  • Prescription costs
  • Mental health counseling
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

What Should You Do After a Dog Attack in Farmington, New Mexico?

If a dog has attacked you, you must take the right steps to put yourself in the best position possible. Make sure you follow these steps if you want to build a strong case and secure maximum compensation.

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention
    The first thing you should do after being bitten by a dog is seek medical care. Even the smallest scratch could result in a life-threatening infection, so make sure you’re getting the medical attention you need to prevent major health issues.
  • Document Everything at the Scene and Collect Evidence
    Try to document as much as you can at the scene. This includes photos of where the dog bite occurred and your injuries. You should also obtain any surveillance or Ring camera footage that’s available.
  • Call Animal Control
    It’s important to report the dog bite to animal control. Reporting a dog bite to Farmington’s animal control helps ensure the dog is up to date on rabies vaccinations and can help track any past behavioral issues.
  • Contact a Dog Bite Attorney
    Once you’ve sought medical attention, documented the scene, and called animal control, you should get in contact with a professional dog bite attorney to establish liability.

Shapiro Law Team can help you form a case and get to work on recovering damages. Start today with a free consultation.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Farmington

Dog Bite Attorneys in Farmington, New Mexico

Dog Bite Laws in New Mexico

Although New Mexico doesn’t have a specific dog bite statute in place, plaintiffs can still recover damages. Victims of dog bite injuries in Farmington can recover damages under strict liability. This means that damages can be recovered if the dog owner knew or should have known the dog was aggressive.

However, plaintiffs cannot recover damages if they provoked the dog in any way.

Call Shapiro Law Team to Schedule Your Free Consultation

Dog bites are devastating, but Shapiro Law Team can help get your life back on track. Through superior representation and a commitment to our clients, we’ve helped hundreds of victims receive the compensation they deserve.

Get started by calling us for a free consultation. We’re available 24/7, ready to take your call.

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